CLOCKWORKS TRACER/Further Ahead Of Warp - Masterpieces For Our Struggle


    Titulo: Masterpieces For Our Struggle
    Peso: 131.6 MB
    Formato: Mp3
    Circle: CLOCKWORKS TRACER, Further Ahead Of Warp
    Genero: Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal, Screamo

    Tracklist :

    01 - Oversupplied (CLOCKWORKS TRACER)
    02 - Asshole is my life!! (Mods Crisis∞)
    03 - Tears (A Snake Tattoo On Her Left Arm)
    04 - Spit My Fate (SANTA MASSACRE)
    05 - useless contract (As Killing Your Breakdown)
    06 - Suicide Mission (The Dust Of Society)
    07 - Across The River (Positive Suicide)
    08 - 紅葉 (Butterfly Kids)
    09 - Evil Blue (BLANKFIELD)
    10 - only in your dream (DHS)
    11 - 忘却の彼方 (Register6)
    12 - Cold Sleep (Further Ahead Of Warp)

    Colaboración entre doce círculos liderados por CLOCKWORKS TRACER y Further Ahead Of Warp salida en el Comiket 85. Mucho metal por parte de varios circles novatos y otros no tanto.

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