Koumajou Densetsu II - Stranger's Requiem


    Título: Koumajou Densetsu II - Stranger's Requiem
    Tamaño: 266MB
    Formato: Mp3 -320Kbps
    Genero: Instrumental, Female vocal, Rock, Jazz, Arrangement.
    Autor: Eiichiro Yanagi

    -CD 1-
    - Afraid [Theme Song]
    - Prologue [Prologue]
    - A Night... [Partner Select]
    - Clockwork Doll -Killer Maid Style- [Stage 1]
    - Prism Heart SR Style [Vs Alice]
    - Castle Lord of Heartwarming Crimson -Style of Bloody Destiny- [Stage 2]
    - Cat Blast! [Vs Chen]
    - Grave Cave [Stage 3]
    - Cherry-Blossom Blende [Vs Youmu]
    - The Great Library was Robbed [Stage 4]
    - Meteor Magic Bullet -Star Wizard- [Vs Marisa]
    - Ghost Scimitar [Stage 5]
    - Priestess of Heaven and Earth -Orchestral Style- [Vs Reimu]
    - Scarlet Tears -SR Style- [Stage 6]
    - From Insanity to Perversion [Vs Ran]
    - Summoning Corpses [Vs Yuyuko]
    - Silence [Stage 8]
    - Amnesia Dyed of Fog -Orchestral Style- [Vs Remilia]
    - Carmilla the Killer Rose [Vs Yougen Remilia]

    -CD 2-
    - Afraid -Evening Style- [Omake]
    - Scarlet Tears -Afternoon Style- [Omake]
    - IZAYOI [Stage Ph]
    - Last Phantasm [Vs Yukari]
    - Fatal Bite [Ending Theme Song]
    - Purple Smoke [Ending Theme Song (Stage Ph)]
    - Afraid (Short Edit)
    - Afraid (Instrumental)
    - Carmilla the Killer Rose (Instrumental)
    - Fatal Bite (Instrumental)
    - Purple Smoke (Instrumental)

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