Re: Distance & A Blossom


    Título: Re: Distance & A Blossom
    Tamaño: 155MB
    Formato: Mp3 -320Kbps
    Genero: Instrumental, Female vocal, pop, Jazz, Arregment.
    Autor: 発熱巫女~ず


    01. Voice Of Wind  
    02. With Me
    03. RAiNY STARS (MZC Re:Groove Club Mix)
    04. Starscraper (MZC Moving Inversion  Electro Mix)
    05. After Rain (MZC Grows under BLACK Club Mix)
    06. Phantom Ensemble (MZC Starlight shower falls Electro Remix)
    07. Ambitious Lover  
    08. ICE on the SUN (MZC X-range Breakin' Remix)
    09. When I Wish Upon A Star
    10. Flower of Life (Original Mix Extended)
    11. RAiNY STARS (Original Mix Extended)

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